2010: The First Week

If it’s any indication of the year ahead, the first week of the year has been quite interesting.

Last Wednesday, my son had experienced a lockdown at their school. Apparently, a junior student brought 2 guns, one was loaded and was left at the locker. An assistant principal saw the student a little bit ‘disturbed’. A canine check with a private security have confirmed an existence of gun.

I was able to check out and read some of the kid’s discussion on a web article that was posted about the incident. Of course, everyone has there say on the incident but bottom line, gun does not belong in school.

It’s now at the hand of the police but what about the kid. Obviously, with the economic situation most people are in right now, there’s a lot of quality time between families that are compromised as well.

I’ve always have this discussion with my son. There’s a lot of psychological noises going around our children’s lives nowadays that most parents are almost helpless on how to deal with it. I don’t blame it on the game consoles but if you have a chance to check on the video games, count the numbers of those that have violence as the central theme.

Reality vs. Virtual Reality.

I think the constant playing these war games trains the minds that it is almost not able to distinguish real and virtual. Computers and technology have gone a long way from their Jurassic predecessors and the rate of tech changes demanding a shift every 2 – 2.5 years.

I’m no expert and it is just my opinion. But I believe parents have a good deal of responsibility in all of these. I know it’s not easy and I know. I have a teenage son too.

The family is the core of our society and it is always under attack. Let’s put back God in the center of our family lives.


Election Day Hype

Today is election day here in the US.  I’ve been reading the papers and it seems that this is a worldwide affair.  A couple of countries are checking out who’s going to be our next president.

Whoever win this election, the next president is going to have his hands full in leading this country.  A 47 year old newbie vs. a 72 year old war veteran.  If Obama wins, I can assure you that he’ll encounter the same change that Clinton had.  In less than a year, I predict he’ll have gray hair.  If McCain wins, we better get ready training Sarah Palin right away as the next president.  For what I’ve read, people have been misjudging this lady.  If she don’t make it this time, I won’t be surprised if she run for President in the near future.  Let’s hope it’s like Hilary Clinton vs Sarah Palin. Continue reading



November 1st is All Saints Day and November 2nd is All Souls Day.

We’re now on our post Halloween here in the USA, and shops are loaded with special sales on Halloween themed candies.  I wish we could save it for next year’s Halloween.

Growing up in Manila, I recall with fond memories my childhood times going to the cemetery on All Saints Day.  In the Philippines, people visits the memorial sites of their loved ones.  Being half Chinese, I go to La Loma Cemetery – the Chinese Cemetery.  I remember going to my Papa’s friend’s site where we go year after year and prepping up the sites before November 1st, cleaning it up and making sure everything is in order.  My father’s friend is his business partner.  I recall riding at the back of the pickup truck going to the cemetery on All Saints Day.  For the life of me, I could not figure how they can remember how to go the tomb’s place amongst all the others.  I don’t see any street signs yet it seems that they just know where it is. Continue reading


Welcome To

Finally, my own blog site!

After deliberating for a long time, I decided to host my own blog.  Not that I don’t know how.  I’ve been whipping up WordPress sites for some time now but I decided that I need to express my own voice that people would recognize.

I have a network that I have planned that will make up what the future information group that I am building.  For the most part, it will be focused on internet marketing, ministry, and MLM.  Yup, MLM. Continue reading