The Quest For Meaning Begins

It’s been a while.  Time passed and another milestone is reached.

Today, the Good Lord has blessed me to see another morning in my life.  It’s my birthday.

I haven’t touched this blog for almost a year now.  I just don’t have the fire in me to write and I could not find a way to ignite the joy of writing this blog that I used to have.

Life’s been like going through the notions, chasing opportunities to fulfill obligations, spinning in circles, going nowhere.  And yet, God has been gracious and patient with me all this time.

And I am very thankful.  He’s still there.

Lately, I am going through some spurts of ‘revival’.  Mostly spiritual but at the same time, relating to career.  As I write stuff in the whiteboard in the office, erasing and writing, clarity surfaced.

It’s funny how writing out things that’s on our mind, stepping back, staring at times on a blank whiteboard, could actually clear up the clutter and regain what I’ve lost – my focus.

There were some things that I missed during these times:

    • I realized I totally forgot the message He gave me almost five years ago, which is to Reach and Serve.  Honestly, I believe I was scared to fail.  When you allow fear to take over something in your life, one thing is sure, you’ve already lost the battle.  And I don’t know why I let fear take over.  Fear is something that controls you but it is also something that you allow to control you.
    • It made me realized that I have not been spending as much time with Him as I usually have before.  And the essence of time is always something that He’s been hammering me through these years.  I was spending too much time perfecting craft and skills that I missed on the opportunity to become of value to someone who needs my help, NOW.

I have been spending way too much time crafting my online and internet marketing stuff, that I failed to see time slowly passing by right in front of me.  You know how one becomes almost like a spectator instead of becoming a performer.  It’s like going to Disneyland, but instead of going through some of the rides and become part of the action, one sits on the bench – totally in neglect of what’s going on.

I also knew that my insecurities got the better of me.  Yet I hope these recent realizations will allow me to move forward to achieve God’s purpose in my life.

Anyway, lately I have been concentrating on local search for local businesses and I hope to start with a select few small business owners in the next few weeks for pilot cases.

I have also been networking with some Filipino millennials hoping to contribute in some ways to the Philippine internet scene.  The Philippine labor force has been the country’s dollar earner and people flock outside the Philippines in hope of a better life for their family at the expense of getting separated from their loved ones.

I just hope I can be instrumental in educating some young kids to be able to use the internet to earn a living so they don’t have to be separated from their family.  Technology has made us closer and the Filipino talents have gained a lot of attention in the internet world already.

God has allowed me to have something that not a lot of people might have – a gift of technical knowledge that’s almost second nature to me.

I know I have already lost yesterday.  I don’t know what my tomorrow is.  All I know is that I have the time that He has given me now.   It’s now time to get out of the backoffice and be on the front line.

He had already given me the vision of the purpose.  The time has come to give meaning to that purpose.   Reach and serve.