A Justice System Drama

Jury Duty

I had the privilege of serving as a juror yesterday.

I must admit that initially I was hopeful that I would not be chosen as a juror but you might call it gut feeling but I felt Thursday that I will be part of the 12 jurors. So although I had some pending things that I need to do, emotionally I was prepared for the task.

Having a pretty judge presiding the case made it much easier. I find it amusing that she resembles Lori Loughlin very much that could it be that this is just a taping of Candid Camera?

Anyway, the case is common in the auto insurance industry where people take advantage of the justice system that involves doctors (particularly chiropractors), attorneys, and a supposedly injured partcipant in the starring role.

The deception was so obvious from the evidence that it was a majority decision in favor of the defendant.

It’s bad enough that they made a mockery of the justice system, they also wasted the time of the all the people involved in the case. If you think about it, should the jurors charge the losing party some economic damage for the inconvenience, the stress resulting in failing to enjoy life fully, and for the pain and suffering from walking to the restaurants during lunch breaks.

Lots of people who need some help from the government would benefit from the waste of tax dollars that these crooks are trying to take from the insurance companies and the people being sued.

It’s infuriating but what can we do?

On a sidenote, I had a good time during lunchtime as it’s been a while since I had a good walk around downtown. I had the chance to take some pictures as I walk back to the courthouse.

Lot of changes have happened in downtown – the LAPD building in 1st Street, the japanese village in J-town, etc. Even downtown City Hall is taking a renovation.

Next time, I’ll probably take a whole day to take some photos.