Election Day Hype

Today is election day here in the US.  I’ve been reading the papers and it seems that this is a worldwide affair.  A couple of countries are checking out who’s going to be our next president.

Whoever win this election, the next president is going to have his hands full in leading this country.  A 47 year old newbie vs. a 72 year old war veteran.  If Obama wins, I can assure you that he’ll encounter the same change that Clinton had.  In less than a year, I predict he’ll have gray hair.  If McCain wins, we better get ready training Sarah Palin right away as the next president.  For what I’ve read, people have been misjudging this lady.  If she don’t make it this time, I won’t be surprised if she run for President in the near future.  Let’s hope it’s like Hilary Clinton vs Sarah Palin.

I’m just trying to lighten up the mood.  I wonder what’s the odds are in Las Vegas.

As I write this, the news has shown that Obama has taken Penssylvania.  It’s going to be a long night.  As much as this election has been hyped up by the media, it got me thinking, does it really matter who wins?  Does the new president have the tenacity to beat the ‘system’.  I think history have shown that most presidential candidates, as they become the president, are changed by the ‘system’.  All those promises are push to the drain.  Let’s see how soon will Obama ‘change’.

I think whoever wins, tomorrow our lives will still be the same.  For those people that are facing foreclosure on their homes, the next president can’t change their disposition.  For the banks that melted down last month, will the new president open up the doors and revive their lost in the equities market.  What about those people that are going to lose their jobs next month after Christmas?  Are they now assured that they’re going to have their job back?

You and I know the answer.  So what’s with the hype and this entertainment.  Four years is not enough to truly gain back what we have lost in 3 months.  We’re used to microwave mentality.  A lot of people are hoping that change is going to happen as the new President preside.  We need to remember that we control what we can control.  As much as the equities, the financial markets, the commodities market, and the housing markets have been hammered and reached bottom, the consumers are also involved with this mess.

We need to take responsibility for all our actions.  Americans have shown in the past the resiliency.  It is a country that is based on Godly beliefs.  It’s about time we go back to our fundamentals.  A nation that trust God.


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