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Finally, my own blog site!

After deliberating for a long time, I decided to host my own blog.  Not that I don’t know how.  I’ve been whipping up WordPress sites for some time now but I decided that I need to express my own voice that people would recognize.

I have a network that I have planned that will make up what the future information group that I am building.  For the most part, it will be focused on internet marketing, ministry, and MLM.  Yup, MLM.

I was listening to Mike Dillard’s interview of Robert Kiyosaki and it dawned on me that I have enough material and information to share to the world about what I’ve learned this past years about the industry.  As most MLM’ers know, Mr. Kiyosaki is a proponent of MLM industry as a business building environment especially for newcomers in the business.

While not all the discussion will be on this site, I will lead you to my focused themed sites so that we could categorize the subjects to specifics and discuss it.

So, what will happen to  It will now become my resource site.  More like what the name imply, files.  I’ll be working up the site with tools and sources that I’ve used and share with all of you.  I am trying to be more active with my new site,  It was a deleted domain that I picked up and I would like to use it as my teaching platform for internet marketing.

I also would like to revive my pet site, Our Prayer Life.  It’s been left out because of my lack of attention and I promised myself that I would spare some more time to this site.

I don’t want to create my own site before because I feel that I don’t have much to share.  But the Good Lord has been impressing in my heart that ‘..whatever you give, it will be given back to you’.  So I’m taking that to heart.  I am devoting only on three main points; Faith, Health, and Wisdom.  I think life is so short that we lose track of the most valuable things in life that God has given us.

Whatever we do in life, if we don’t have our Faith in God, nothing matters.  God gave us a body as His temple, and if we don’t take care of our Health, we won’t be able to serve Him.  As much as focus of a lot of people is on creating wealth, I’d rather seek Wisdom.  King Solomon could have asked God for wealth, but he asked God for wisdom, and in return, God blessed him bountifully.  (I’m not asking for a lot of wives, one is already a challenge).

So there you have it.  Come visit again.


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