November 1st is All Saints Day and November 2nd is All Souls Day.

We’re now on our post Halloween here in the USA, and shops are loaded with special sales on Halloween themed candies.  I wish we could save it for next year’s Halloween.

Growing up in Manila, I recall with fond memories my childhood times going to the cemetery on All Saints Day.  In the Philippines, people visits the memorial sites of their loved ones.  Being half Chinese, I go to La Loma Cemetery – the Chinese Cemetery.  I remember going to my Papa’s friend’s site where we go year after year and prepping up the sites before November 1st, cleaning it up and making sure everything is in order.  My father’s friend is his business partner.  I recall riding at the back of the pickup truck going to the cemetery on All Saints Day.  For the life of me, I could not figure how they can remember how to go the tomb’s place amongst all the others.  I don’t see any street signs yet it seems that they just know where it is.

Chinese, being superstitious, have several things they do to remember their loved ones who pass away.  I remember those tombs where it’s almost like a house, fixed up with bathroom, air conditioning system, etc.  I don’t really know how it is now, but the Chinese Cemetery in Manila has become a tourist spot at some point because of how lavish some of the sites are.

So what’s the point?  I would just like to express that even though we spend millions on the places where the dead lies, one truth remains, they won’t be able to reciprocate the expression we give.  Now, while we are living, is the time to express our love for the people we care most and love.  Don’t wait for the last moment when they could not hear us, can’t feel our care for them, or just could not return the love we shower them with.

The only person who I believe who has the ability to do just that even after his death, is Jesus Christ.  He, being God,  became human just to express His love to us, and even as he left us with His death on the cross, is able to give back His love to us as we give Him our love.

A meditating thought for me.  As we approach the holiday season, specially in this trying times, let’s not forget to perform a simple act of love to those we care.  Let’s not wait for the moment when they can’t hear what you have to say.

Have you express your love to your loved ones lately?  Have you said ‘I love you’ to God?


4 thoughts on “Remembering

  1. Rom Reyes says:

    Nice thoughts! Just wondering if you are my classmate Half chinese from college. Hope you see this message.

  2. Rom Reyes says:

    Hello Kumpadre, I been looking for you too my friend. Yeah, Sam is 22, she just graduated last year (Like you and me), she is working now in a Nuke Plant. I m glad i finally found you by accident opening your site through Email me sometime when u get the chance. You take care. Hope to see u sometime…Rom

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