Happy Father’s Day

It’s been almost a week since Father’s day, but today I had a chance to come visit my father after almost 10 years.

Papa has been supportive with most of my endeavor.  On my childhood days, I used to go to his hardware store and learn the business.  I used to stay on weekends helping out selling, or doing just about anything to help out.

I took shopper’s orders and prepping them up for delivery.  It can be anything from weighing nails to just bringing anything for customers.

When I last saw him, although a little bit weaker, he could still manage to walk by himself and go to the Park to meet his buddies.  Age has caught up with his struggling childhood during the second World War, his strong body has been weakened quite a bit and being helped out by a private nurse.

I had mixed emotions as I saw him transcend from the stairs being helped out.  I am blessed by God with a good father.  Although he has his weaknesses, like all of us, but he made sure we had a good education and the right ‘tools’ to become successful in life.  He did not want us to take the path that he had growing up.

I don’t know but I sensed that it’s not the same with him.  I think the burden of his weakening body has frustrated him a bit.  Sensing from what he says, I think he feels entrapped in his own home and not being able to go to places he used to go to.  Compound that with the fact that I think most of his friends has now been gone.  So the peer camraderie that he used to have is not there anymore.

I’m grateful to God for being able to have a father like Papa.  If anything else, I think I got the benefit of having similar feature and that’s how most people get to learn about me.

I remember the days of watching soccer with him at Rizal Colizeum.  Even though it’s a boring game for me, I remember how he gets excited with each goal that the team he supports will make.  That’s why next to basketball, soccer has been the next favorite sports for me.

I wanted to become a doctor when I was growing up, but he discouraged me and made me take engineering.  I think it was God’s direction as well.  I do think I could become a doctor, but I don’t think I would be happy doing it.  I have been very technical even at an early age, so I ended up graduating as a Chemical Engineer who then turned to become a computer specialist.

I’m trying to cherish every moment that I had with him now.  Life is like a flickering light.  A blow of the wind could take it away.  Thank you Lord.


7 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. Juanito B. says:

    Remembering Paco Chinese School, Miss Laurito,Flores,tolentino,and Miss De La Cruz…how about the notorious principal, Chua Cian and his sidekick Mr Tan. Your articles brought back bitter-sweet memories of my own days at Paco chinese School of 60s era. I knew all of the owners/operators of hardware stores along Herran St ’cause I used to worked in one of them, but I could’nt pinpoint which one is your dad’s…is it Community Hardware???

  2. George Manlangit says:

    Ms. Flores, Ms. De la Cruz, how could anyone forget them? They’re my cornerstone on my way to High School & College.

    I wouldn’t say Mr. Chua was notorious but I doubt it if anyone was able to escape Mr. Tan and the famous rattan stick.

    I remember those times when you have to stay in front of the line at flag ceremony because you messed up or was caught not speaking in Chinese.

    How about Mr. Gan and the bamboo stick? Those were the days of discipline which would not make it today. They’ll probably end up in court or in jail for their disciplinary methods. Man, this brought up memories of getting whipped by Mr. Gan afer being caught doing ‘sumpit’ with mungo. I don’t know why kids have to rub pomade on their hands, it doesn’t do anything.

    And yes, my dad used to be part of Community Hardware before they broke up. Which store did you worked before?

    Man, those days were fun!

  3. Hey,

    Who can forget Gan Cian, Chua Cian, Tan Cian? How about Karate. Phantom and the male Music Teacher who hit me with his short bamboo stick because he thought I was making noises.

  4. juanito b says:

    Hi George, Community Hdwe used to be a 3 partnerships, Chua,Go and another one we called
    Kulot(also Chinese) but he passed on in late 60s or early 70s. Seeing your pic I’m guessing you’re dad is Mr Chua (we called him tangkad)..I used to work at Gutierrez Const Supply as a gopher, as I’m really underage to be employed.,your dad was my oldest brother’s ninong sa kasal back in the late 60s, talked about small world! I’m from Sacramento Ca btw…I still insist tho that Principal Chua is NOTORIOUS and I can prove it….

  5. George Manlangit says:

    @juanito: Yes, you got it right. People can’t get me wrong for whose son I am. That’s a small world. Gutierrez Const, Paco Asia, Quebec, Guarranty… those where the days.

    Principal Chua is not as bad. Back on those days, probably Tan sian was more of the stricter between Chua sian, Gan sian and Tan sian. If I am not mistaken, Paco Chinese School now has a high school.

    Nice to hear from you. I hope you’re doing ok.

  6. George Manlangit says:

    Shoot. Thanks for reminding me about Phantom. I totally forgot about that one. Bamboo stick. The only one that I remember that carries them was Gan sian. Tan sian usually carry a yentok (rattan).

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