On This Day…

I thank God
For sending me a partner
In life that brought colors
To an empty canvas at that time!

I remember that day
When I first met her
With grace she moved
And flashed a smile that melt my heart

I knew her heart
Is with someone else
I had to take my chance
And patiently wait

We part our ways but
Soon fate took over and
The angels set the stage
For our heart to be together

We became one
And God blessed us
With two wonderful children
That became living treasures of our hearts

God have a funny way
Of bringing together
Two people of extremes
To meet with Him in the center of life

Our journey was not
Without challenges
But has made our love
For each other, stronger than ever

We’ll tread this path together
With God as our Light and Counsel
My heart belongs to you
Then, now, till heavens with Him!

Melita, I Love You
Happy Anniversary!


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