Seeking The Balance

It’s been a while since I wrote on this blog. A lot of things had happened since and soon enough it’ll be fall.

I chance upon the article of Sir Richard Branson on Entrepreneur’s website, Finding the Right Balance in Business.  Honestly, I did not believe he operated that way.  Knowing how he set family life as consideration on how he operate his business is truly remarkable.

I could say I have succeeded with family life to some degree.  I am still working out or ironing out certain kinks with my son but to a greater extent, I would say I have a good family relationship.

My daughter is in her 2nd year with her nursing study and is on her way to a promising career after school.

Where I feel I failed is in my business accomplishments.  Well, not totally fail but I just think I have not achieved what I want to achieve in terms of business success.

For someone to have the gift of technology know how, creativity, and visionary functions, it’s a sure hit or a guaranty to success.  But I sure have a hard time to give myself a lift from my status right now.

Like Sir Richard, I operated my business and I’m proud to say that I’m a work at home Dad.  It’s challenging but at the same time, I was able to devote certain aspects of my time to tend to my children’s activities and school functions.  Not to mention an errand boy for my wife.

So what’s been missing?  What is the ingredient that I missed on the recipe to success?  Am I just simply lazy and in front of the computer seemingly all day?  Jumping around like a ball with no particular directions?

For someone who’s been claiming spiritually balanced, I have left out God in my equation.

I would not list down what I have NOT been doing but it boiled down to that simple statement.  I operated on my own and left Him out.

Almost three years ago, He gave me a purpose when I asked Him exactly what He wants me to do.  He gave me two simple action words, Reach and Serve.

You see, when you asked God a question, and He gave you an answer, that’s a good thing, right?  Certainly not everyone have that kind of experience.

But as I work on to that answer, I realized it was a huge responsibility.  And I was not ready for it.  It’s a serious undertaking for someone who just want to give and provide comfort to his family.  And although I took it in heart, I did not really put that words into actions.  And I drifted afar.

I told myself, someday I will.

Until about a couple of days ago, I was again reminded of that action words.

I took a step back and reflect on where I went during this past 3 years and the seemingly depressing direction my career have pummeled to.  I realized that I have been stronger than before but I have missed out on taking Him with me on the journey.

I am writing this so that maybe it could be a reminder for someone who is on the same wave that I am right now.  You’re probably still drifting.  Find a way to get yourself anchored back.  I don’t know how you do it but knowing Him and His resources, you’ll eventually find it.

Mathematically, S=R/t.  Translated, success is achieving the defined result over a period of time.

Spiritually, S=(p)/l.  Success is the summation of the purpose achieved over a period of lifetime.

In our finite minds, we seem to seek an ultimate purpose in life.  However, our purpose is never monolithic and it requires interacting with other people’s purpose for the accomplishment of God’s glory.  It’s not atomic, but it’s almost like fiber that intertwines to form a thread.

He has given me a refresh, a core to put my energy on, and a new direction.  I don’t know where it is going to take me from here, but I sure am fired up with the new dimension of the purpose that He has made me to reflect upon.

With love as it’s foundation, the balance starts with us.  It must align with God.  And be assured that by that alignment,  the balance you seek will be achieved with your family and your service.