Life Is A Miracle, A Celebration

Since the weekend, it has been a roller coaster ride for me.  But nevertheless it was one of those moments in one’s life that you experience something very revealing, profound.  I experience a spiritual awakening.

I went to a Mannatech regional meeting/conference at the Los Angeles Hilton Hotel (LAX) last Saturday.  Before the event, I just felt that I needed a break from all of the ‘noise’ that’s going on in my life.  I touched base with my wife’s senior associate and listen to all the speakers on the event.  To make the long story short, what were presented on the meeting was in alignment with the goals that I want to achieve.  From the CEO, the Marketing Team, and Product Dev Team, I could actually see myself in the position of adding value to this orgranization from what I’ve learned this last 2 years.

Then last Sunday at our church, as I was going to make a printout of our pastor’s sermon notes (being part of the media team), I saw two of our members helping our associate pastor on the ground.  I did not recognize him at first.  I did not join the commotion because I saw that he is being attended to at the time.  Seeing him almost lifeless on the ground is enough to knock some senses in my pea size brain.  He was blessed to have several circumstances that allowed him to be among our members during that time.  The paramedics came, was sent to the hospital and had surgical procedures.  One of our members who is a registered nurse told our pastor that during the time that she was attending to him, she felt no more pulse.  He was gone.  But the Good Lord breathe new life into him and he was revived.

Last Wednesday, my wife and I went to visit her brother’s father in law.  He’s a war veteran from the Philippines.  He’s 82 years old and suffering from pancreatic cancer.  His children wish to send him back to the Philippines so we paid him a visit to assess his situation.  He’s blessed to have two wonderful people attending to his needs, Mary and Gloria.  Mary jokingly quip that he’s being attended by a caregiver that is also requiring help herself.  But cheerfully, she led us to see him.  He was very weak and needed to be helped to turn his body around.  Despite his age and the sickness, his mind is very well and is conscious of everything around him.  Before we left, I was moved to pray for him.  I told him that this is the only thing that I could give him at this moment.  Although I was praying for God to give him renewed strength, at the end of my prayer, he responded by saying a prayer for me and my wife.  Here I am trying to pray for God blessing on him, eventually, I was the one who was blessed more.

It made me realized how fragile life truly is.  Not that I don’t but these are moments in one’s life that brings meaning to God’s purpose for our life.  I realized that I have been staying on the sidelines way to long.  It’s about time to celebrate and share with other people the resources and capabilities that He has endowed us.

Life is a journey.  It begins with conception to a birth, ends with state of death and to after life.  Take the time to share with someone what God has given you.  For all we know, it could be a miniscule effort in our part, but it could give humongous effect to another life.

I thank God for the miracle of life, and I celebrate it with Him.


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