Happy Chinese New Year

Kung Hei Fat Choy!  Happy Chinese New Year!  I know, it’s late now (Jan 26).  Time sure moves fast.  I did not realize that my lost post has been more than a month.  Actually, we’re now looking on Valentine’s Day.

Anyway, we’re had a fair share of rain in LA this past couple of days.  It’s making my son hopeful that the snow would stay until March.  We’re planning to go to Big Bear Mountains and he’s looking forward to a snowy time for a good snowboarding. 

Lately, the Good Lord has been reminding me of certain things that I have started last year but failed to follow up.  About October of 2006, I started a prayer site,  I originally work on this site to become a site for my media team in our church.  The original concept was to have an area for teleconference once a week for internet prayer ministry.  Sis. Jojo Jose and Ptr. James Reyes was originally part of the group and Sis. Jojo had a shift of schedule so we were not able to continue on.  Surprisingly, as I was cleaning up my sites, I came across the stats.  There’s still some decent traffic on the site so it got me inspired to bring it back to life.

I’m getting excited as I write about this and I’ll let everybody posted.  I need to get myself organized more than ever.  With the current economic situation we’re having, there’s opportunity to be able to touch lives, reaching out, and just be there.  I know of a couple of friends who have been affected by the downturn.

A client of mine (Maryanne King) gave me a copy of Joel Osteen’s book and CD, ‘Your Best Life Now’.  Incidental?  I don’t know.  But listening to the CD while on the car is slowly creating that inertia in me.  I’m also helping out a ministry in the Philippines set up their website.  Aside from, there’s a couple of sites that I want to bring back to life.

I’m also working with a content syndication program by Charles Heflin.  I’m still trying to setup a site that will become my pilot site for hub activities.  I’ve decided to use as my secondary site for tech or computer/internet discussions.  I’ve used gmansky as my user name in the past and became available recently after it was dropped by another registrant.  I will be reporting about my test results at

God Bless…


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