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Monterey Park, east of LA has been home for me for the past 20 yrs.  This time I returned home to my roots, Manila.

Last 23th, we departed from LAX for Manila on a much needed vacation and family time together away from the usual daily grind.  It’s been almost 10 years for me since I went back home and visited my mom and dad.

We came on a rainy morning.  There was a typhoon and like most tropical countries, Philippines in June kicks off the monsoon or typhoon season.  The last time I was in Manila was when I was picking up my two kids, Sasha and CJ, after an extended vacation stay 10 years ago.

We were welcomed by my brother in law, Angel and Jasmine, his lovely wife.  Aside from the storm, news on the radio were covering H1N1 hysteria.  There has been quite a number of people that was believed to have some infection of the flu.

Coming from LA, the first adjustment we have to make aside from the jet lag was the humid weather.  It was raining and being accustomed to some not-so-often rains in Los Angeles, I got use to expecting a little bit cool weather.  Growing up in Manila should made me accustomed to this kind of weather but I was just spoiled rotten with California weather.

Anyway, it’s nice to see familiar places and some new not so familiar ones.  Of course, in Manila, a slight chance of rain welcomes the usual occurrence of flood.  But to aggravate it, the splash by moving vehicles on to some people waiting for a ride to work, or passengers on pedi-cabs, makes me feel bad for those people getting wet.

Melita, my wife, was already happily chatting with Ate Ruby, my sister in law, on the cell phone, who happened to be not feeling well and could be having some flu.  So as a precaution, we went ahead to my brother-in-law’s house and had breakfast.  My wife has been very concerned because two of our luggages were forced open somehow.  I think some of the vitamins that were on the suitcased must have created some suspicion at the LAX TSA inspection.

She was worried that something was stolen on the suitcase.  As usual, if she gets bothered, everyone gets bothered.  She was worried that the camera that she and Ed (my other bro in law in Canada) bought for Ate Ruby as a birthday gift was stolen.  Anyway, she found it and it was just a usual precautionary.  I feel bad for her because we had purchased one of those TSA approved locks that the TSA people could open without forcing the suitcases.

After breakfast, (again), we all had shower (thank goodness), I had a good chance to having some quality time with Lei and Kobie (Angel and Jazmine’s children), and Gelai.  I think you could say it something like ‘bonding at first sight’.  Lei and I had some good quality time getting to know each other.  She did Bimbo rock, and then did some jumps with Kobie and Gelai.

Interestingly, I found out the Kobie and Lei are lefties.  My two kids are lefties too, so I kind of have some experience on certain lefties behavior.  And those lefties out there, don’t tell me you don’t have any.  I had a good time playing with them on the notebook computer when I was checking my emails, and had them typing out their names on Wordpad.

Then, kaboom.  Reality and body adjustment kicked in and I could not help it.  Sleep has taken over.


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